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The Streetlights App is the best way to interact with all Streetlights creative resources. You can stream all of our Audio Bible books, in all available languages.
You can access all of our Corner Talk and Multimedia Curriculum materials, as well as visit our online store and donate to the ministry as a whole.
The Streetlights App is available for free on both iOS + Android mobile devices.

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This app simply brings forth the gospel and uses carefully crafted music to bring forth it’s meaning. This app is really for anyone. If your a teacher who needs material, you need this app. If you are an atheist who is unsure about Christ Jesus’ death, you need this app. If you are scared or tired of the Bible, you need this app.
— Christian Kilgore (App Store Quote)
This App is a must for everyone who calls themselves a believer in Christ. Its revolutionizing my experience with the word of God. The delivery of the word though this Ministry is extremely intriguing and creates a craving inside of you for more. Honestly because of this app I spend more time in Gods word then I normally would. Its so easy to play while driving or working on a project at home or have running during a small group. We are presenting this to all our Students and Young Adults this week.
— Cody Terrell (Facebook Review)