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Streetlights Film & Video

Streetlights have traditionally worked with vocal and music mediums to communicate God’s Word through our Audio Bible. Alongside an increasingly visual age, we also grew in our desire to use film & video to communicate the truth of God’s Word. We have a core team locally that produces film endeavors from Creative Concept Shorts to original teaching videos. While we have in-house ability to shoot, we are under capacity to shoot. We love collaboration, and we currently work with men and women across the world at various stages of each film production from concept to finalizing in post. If film is your language and passion, please feel free to contact us! This can translate into film internships, volunteer endeavors or off-site freelance work.

Watch and Share our latest work below: The I Am Film Series


We view film as a powerful language for communication. We desire to see more films, shorts and diverse forms of the medium produced and used for the Glory of God. We also want to see our film branch grow. If so led, contact us and contribute toward these multimedia endeavors. We make all of our film work available so that the beauty of God is displayed through this intrinsic language in our digital age. Thank you for your interest, engagement and support!